How to fix Itunes Error Code 11 for Restoring Iphone

How to fix Itunes Error Code 11 for Restoring Iphone|Get Mac Help

The iTunes error 11 is occur due to wide range of reasons like outdated antivirus issue which is a result of backdated firewall program and hence it blocks all ports that are necessary for iTunes to communicate with the Apple servers. The second most known cause is due to faulty connector port problem which is incapable of establishing correct communication. Apple Technical Support. This iTunes error cause problems to users like unable to create a backup of an iOS device or incapable of restoring a backup to an iOS device. Users may not get properly sync music to the Apple Music playlist and many other issues are happen during this error.  Users are always recommend to immediately deal with the related issue and here we will introduce users with various solutions to fix iTunes error code 11 while restoring an iPhone with appropriate and brief explanations.

Solutions to troubleshoot iTunes error code 11 while restoring an iPhone.

We will be introducing you three top solutions to remove the error smoothly

Solution 1: Modifying the Host File
  • It is quite possible that because of heavy network activities, your firewall program can easily block iTunes’ direct access and due to this it gives iTunes error 11.
  • To overcome this error, perform a check whether any security program in the computer is providing network access to the iTunes program which has recently been installed by you
  • Solution 2: Check for any deadly anti-malware program
  • iTunes error 11 can easily be rectified by editing the hosts file which work to redirect the request from iTunes to another server instead to the Apple servers. What you need to do is simply to edit your hosts file by removing all unwanted lines
  • Next, simply reboot the computer device
  • Solution 3: Update your iTunes and iOS
  • To overcome with this issue, it is always advised for users to update their iPhone or iPad to its latest available iOS version. Not only this but also one should make sure that the best communication is happening between your computer as well as in iPhone or iPad. This way it will refine the communication process by enhancing the data communication speed too.
  • Conclusion Well, I hope at-least one of the above solutions will definitely work for you to fix this error. If still these solutions do not seems to be working out then, try a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad. Contact our technicians at iTunes Support Number to experience one-of-a-kind solution! Get in touch at iTunes Support Number to have a word with our tech support in resolving your issues of iTunes by grabbing our top-notch solutions matched according to user’s need.  We are available for users 24*7*365 hours to assist them in all difficult times by conveying appropriate and correct answers promptly. Our different nature of guiding users about any iTunes issues has made us stand out the best among other brands.Macbook Technical Support Number